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Meet MetaverseAir



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Utilizing blockchain's decentralized decision-making mechanisms, MVRS Gateway will ensure fairness in the metaverse any deliver assets from the physical world.

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Avatars will be free in the metaverse; their existence and meta-life will be a human representation in the decentralized identity recorded on the blockchain.

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Digital Assets

Physical items in the real world will be represented through NFT's, the only non-fungible asset class in which decentralization is provided equally to all participants.

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MetaverseAir(MVRS) is a contents and technology company that focuses on using NFT technology as the future gateway into the metaverse. The community exists as a DAO located in the lands of blockchain.

Our solution offers a fair metaverse to everyone through utilizing DLT technology's architecture. Optimization features are designed to enhance the social inequality and existential issues that are accompanied by a metaverse hosted by a centralized party. People will dive into the metaverse at the tips of their fingers and a well-constructed metaverse gateway should be able to seamlessly transfer user experience from one world to another.

With well-established back data on behavioral patterns of early adopters of the metaverse, MVRS will be capable of managing NFT's from minting to marketplace. In the end, NFT's will represent all assets in our physical world. Assets classes without exception including real estate, stocks and bonds will become asset NFT's; personas will be portrayed through NFT avatars; and communities will interact via identities represented by the information set provided in DID-enhancing NFT's.

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